04 Nov 2015

Where it all started…

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In 2012, Christopher Windsor came up with the idea of The Little Removals Company and began to set up business.

And ever since, the business has  been full speed ahead!

We sat down with the director of the company to ask him some questions..



Q. So, what made you decide to set up a removals company to begin with?

A. I was outside at 6am on a Sunday morning jogging and saw a removals firm out and about and thought, ‘I should be doing that’ as I’m always up anyway. I had been self employed in Ireland for a while and came back home to England. I needed a solid job but couldn’t see myself working for someone else. My dad had a removals company ‘Windsor Removals’ in the 70’s and we decided to set up together but with modern ideas and processes.


Q. When did you get your first van and what was it called?

A. It was a huge dropwell Luton van which we called ‘The Beast’. She was a little old though. That was in 2012


Q. Was that when you first expanded?

A. Sort of – we naturally expanded when that van broke down and we bought 2 new vans. We then had two vans to keep busy! In Jan 2014, we bought some more vans to keep up with demand.


Q. How many vans do you now have?

A. We renewed our fleet at the end of 2014 and we have 7 of our own vans which are always in use! – 1 Transit, 3 Dropwells and 3 Luton vans. We do hire vans though to get the jobs done.


Q. When did you start hiring people in the office?

A. We hired Selina in May 2013 and Danielle started 2 weeks after, they were both part-time and both covered sales. Through expansion my time became more limited so Selina then took over logistics and Danielle was the natural choice to take over sales. They’re still with us today and they’re valued within the company.


Q. What is it that motivates you and drives you to expand?

A. The drive to always be better and improve. We are always looking to expand to keep the team busy and happy.


Q.  And finally, what’s your plan for the future? Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?

A. Cheltenham will always be our focus because that’s where we’re based, but we see all our other areas as busy as this one with a depo in each.

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